Student Volunteers 

We need to do a better job with raising awareness in our own communities

Statistics show 30-50% of middle 

school and high school student are consuming energy drinks.

Student Volunteers 

The Awareness Project (TAP) is looking for students who want to get involved helping raising awareness in their schools, peer groups, churches and communities.

Becoming a TAP volunteer, is a great way for students to complete their community service hours which is important for students with their eye on college acceptance. More importantly they are giving back to their community and potentially helping to save a life.

Student Advisory Committee 

TAP is also seeking a select group of students throughout the US to join TAP’s Student Advisory Committee. 

This committee is for students searching for new ways to be active and an opportunity for students to champion their communities and become a force for positive change. They will learn the dynamics of our organization, the finer points of leading, the value of civic engagement – and countless other skills that will aid in their academics, interpersonal interactions, and the career that awaits their hard work and dedication. This is a role that also looks great on their resume.

If you are a teacher who’d like to get your students involved or a parent who thinks this might be a right fit for your student and would like more information please contact us at

“The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others” 

– Mahatma Gandhi