Share Your Story


After John Reynolds story was shared, his wife Cassondra received numerous responses from all around the world from others sharing their own experiences of an adverse effect or a loved one who had died from a energy drink or a pre-workout supplement.  


Cassondra wanted a space for people to share their experiences so others could realize these products were affecting many people all around the world and hopefully raise awareness to the problem. The Facebook group was soon created. 

It's not always easy for people to share their stories. In fact it can be quite painful putting into words how your loved one died or what someone went through in the hospital and the fear their family suffered, however it's SO important and can be life saving to someone else.

Those who have taken the time to share their experiences are truly helping to shed light on the bigger picture of just how dangerous these products can be.


When these stories are shared, it helps raise awareness to the fact energy drinks and pre-workouts have harmed and killed many, including perfectly health individuals. Not everyone who has been harmed or died from these products has had an underlying or undiagnosed health condition. Not everyone was was over consuming or drinking irresponsibly.

When those who have been affected share their experience, it helps others realize this is a much bigger problem than the very few deaths reported in the media.

Sharing your story helps us to document these cases. Since less than 1% of adverse events are ever actually reported, law makers are unable to have a clear picture as to how many lives and families are actually being affecting by these products. 


By documenting these cases medical professionals aren't reporting, it can help aid in The Awareness Project's efforts for legislation to restrict these products to minor children. 

If you you or a loved one has ever been affected by these products and would like to help continue to raise awareness by bravely sharing your story, please click on the button below. 

"Awareness is the 

greatest agent for change"

-Echart Tolle