The Story That Started It All.

Updated: Aug 2, 2020

Our lives changed forever the morning of February 5, 2011. My husband of 10 years, truly my best friend, my partner, my soulmate, the love of my life and the wonderful father to our 3 little boys went into cardiac arrest while in bed that Saturday morning. I woke up to hear him gasping. I thought in that moment, ‘Is this actually happening? How is this happening?’ My husband was only 41 years old, very healthy, fit, worked out every day and had just had a full physical a month prior – including an ECG and stress test on his heart which he passed with flying colors.

I was recovering from the back surgery I had 3 month prior but knew I had to somehow get him onto the floor to do CPR, which I didn’t know how to perform. As I watched my husband turn blue to gray I cried to God to PLEASE not take my husband! I begged him not to leave me and the boys and told him how much we love him and need him. I was on the phone with 911 as they guided me through CPR. I remember my little boys coming into the room and telling them to go back to their rooms. I remember hearing them start to cry, asking, ‘what’s wrong with Daddy?

It felt like help was taking forever which I later found out was only 3 minutes. Performing CPR was exhausting and just when it felt like my body couldn’t effectively keep going, the paramedics were there and started working on him. At one point as they were working on him I remember saying out loud to the paramedics, ‘Oh God, he just left!’ In that moment I actually felt his spirit leave his body. The paramedics made me then leave the room. A friend’s brother who lived nearby who is in law enforcement rushed over to my home and escorted me to the hospital in his unmarked car with sirens on. I remember thinking, ‘was I going to walk in and have them tell me he didn’t make it?’ As they escorted me to his bed, he was alive but unconscious. I felt SO relieved he was still breathing and remember thinking this is good, his body just needs to recover.

The ER doctor was asking me all kinds of questions – ‘Does he use drugs, any health issues, what, if any, medications is he on?’ I told them no to all of the above and told him he just had a full physical that he passed with flying colors. They later came out and told me they did a tox screen and no drugs were found but his sugar levels were sky high. They thought he had a diabetic episode. I explained he wasn’t diabetic!

He was transferred to the Cardiac Intensive Care Unit and the head Cardiologists came to speak with me. He explained they were going to use what they call the Artic Sun that helps cardiac arrest patien