Remembering Davis Cripe🧡🖤💛

Updated: Aug 2, 2020

Today The Awareness Project remembers 16 year old Davis Cripe🧡🖤💛

3 years ago today, Davis was able to legally purchase a energy drink at a local store near his high school while on his school’s lunch break. After lunch, Davis returned to his class where he collapsed from a caffeine induced sudden cardiac arrest and later died.

Davis’s parents Sean and Heidi Cripe have courageously used their family’s pain to bring about change by fighting for regulation in their home state of South Carolina that would ban the sale of energy drinks to minor children.

The Cripe’s have also been instrumental in joining the students of City Hill Middle School as they also lobby for legislation in the state of Connecticut.

Thank you to the Cripe’s for their efforts in bringing forth legislation to protect other children and families from suffering a similar senseless loss. Davis’s work is not done here on earth. His story has been instrumental in the pursuit of legislation, it has sparked much needed conversations about the dangers of energy drinks and will continue to raise awareness and save lives.

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