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The owner of Bang has called out Monster on social media for being a dangerous product.


It’s our opinion, one product is not safer than the other. Considering Monster was released in 2002 and Bang in 2012, and only recently gaining in market popularity in the last 2 yrs; reported deaths and adverse events attributed to Bang have not had an equal amount of time to accumulate reported cases.

I guess the owner of Bang is conveniently choosing to forget his own company is also involved in wrongful death and product liability litigation. We have members in this group who’s loved ones went into sudden cardiac arrest and died, and other members who have suffered severe adverse events after drinking both of these brands. We also have members who are currently involved in litigation with Bang.

It’s EXTREMELY important to file an adverse event report for anyone, who suspects they have suffered an energy drink or pre-workout related adverse event or the death of a loved one.

Dr’s in the US are not required to report these cases and most of the public remains unaware they can and should file a report. Studies have shown LESS than 1% of these cases get reported. The medical community has estimated for every 1 case reported, 100 remain unreported. Because of the severe lack of reporting, government agencies are unable to acknowledge just how many people are truly being affected by these products. Because of inadequate reports and a lack of reporting altogether, regulation will remain unattainable.

You can find more information on how to easily file a report on The Awareness Project's website, by clicking here.


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