Happy Heavenly Birthday Rhonda Balsamello🧡🖤💛

Updated: Aug 2

Today The Awareness Project wishes Rhonda Balsamello a Happy Heavenly Birthday. Rhonda purposely gained weight for a karate match she competed in. After her match, Rhonda decided to cut the extra weight she needed to compete. She was taking a fat burner that happened to be adulterated and tragically took her life.

Fat burners, pre-workouts, diet pills and workout supplements have the highest rate of adulteration amongst all dietary supplements. Unfortunately this happens often but the public doesn’t hear about it. Studies show less than 1% of these cases get reported.

There is no way to guarantee what is in your dietary supplements unless you pay to have them independently lab tested tested. What you see listed on the label is often not accurate and has the potential to be deadly. Many products contain illegal and banned substances, even when you purchase them from a legitimate store.

Thank you to Rhonda’s husband Vinny for sharing his beautiful wife’s story in an effort to help raise awareness and save lives.

Please help us continue to spread awareness by sharing Rhonda’s story, our website and Facebook group with your family and friends.

Please Read Rhonda's Story here👉 http://bit.ly/2Oktrzc

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We are passionate about informing the public to the dangers of energy drinks and pre-workout supplements in hopes of saving more lives from being lost.

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