Happy Heavenly Birthday Michael Sparling🧡🖤💛

Updated: May 22, 2020

Today The Awareness Project would like to remember and honor Private Michael Sparling on what would be his 31st birthday today.

Private Sparling was running in formation with his unit when despite being in excellent health, he went into sudden cardiac arrest and later died at the age of 22.

Private Sparling had taken a popular preworkout supplement he purchased and believed to be safe. This product was still on shelves despite warnings from federal health regulators that the stimulant called dimethylamylamine, or DMAA frequently raises blood pressure and heart rate, and could lead to heart attacks.

DMAA would go on to kill several additional active US soldiers and countless civilians.

Private Sparling’s parents Michael and Leanne Sparling became instrumental in helping assist to get DMAA off the market. Unfortunately DMAA continues to kill as it is STILL being found in many preworkout supplements all over the world despite it being illegal and not being listed on the label.

Michael and Leanne Sparling continue to advocate about the deadly dangers that lurk in these unregulated products, in the hopes other lives can be saved.

Thank you to Leanne for sharing Michael’s story with us and others. Private Sparling’s service to his country and abroad did not end the day he left this earth. His story will go on to educate others as he continues to be of service and in turn saves lives.

Happy Birthday Private Michael Sparling🧡🖤💛

Please read Leanne Sparling’s post she first shared on our Facebook group on Michael’s birthday one year ago today. Here is an additional news article about Michael's case. 👉https://bit.ly/2Yh4E2A

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