Happy Heavenly Birthday David Martz🧡🖤💛

Updated: May 22, 2020

Today The Awareness Project would like to wish David Martz a Happy Heavenly Birthday

Today David would have turned 31 but tragically lost his life when he was only 20 yrs old and became yet another victim of a deadly preworkout supplement.

We thank David’s mom Lisa Egbarts for sharing David’s story with us and helping continue to raise awareness and save lives. We urge you to read David’s heart wrenching story on our Facebook group and share it with others.

Preworkouts, weight loss and energy products have the highest rate of adulteration in the supplement industry. It’s often what’s NOT listed on the labels of these products that is dangerous. Unfortunately there’s an increasing amount of “bad actors” as they are called in the supplement industry and dirty products on the market. There is NO way to know if a product has been adulterated unless it’s been independently lab tested. Please read more about the dangers of preworkout supplements on our website www.theawarenessproject.life

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We are passionate about informing the public to the dangers of energy drinks and pre-workout supplements in hopes of saving more lives from being lost.

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