Happy Heavenly Birthday Buddy Lowe

Updated: Aug 2, 2020

Today Bruce "Buddy" Lowe's family celebrates his 33rd birthday without him. 2 yrs ago Buddy went into sudden cardiac arrest shortly after consuming an energy drink.

Buddy’s 3 little girls have been robbed of the opportunity to grow up with their daddy. Buddy’s family whom he was extremely close with no longer has their beloved son, brother and uncle.

Today The Awareness Project would like to remember Bruce "Buddy" Lowe.

Buddy’s mother Loretta is a board member of TAP and continues to advocate about the dangers of energy drinks in hopes other families don’t have to experience the Lowe fami pain. Thank you Loretta for sharing Buddy’s story which is raising awareness and helping to save lives.

Happy Heavenly Birthday Buddy Lowe 🧡🖤💛

Please read and share Buddy's story below to help raise awareness. You might possibly help save a life⚡️

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