February is Energy Drink Awareness. What have YOU done to help raise awareness? 🧡🖤💛

Updated: Aug 2, 2020

February is Energy Drink Awareness Month. What have YOU done to help raise awareness? It’s not too late.

It's imporatnt we talk about the potential dangers of energy drinks. Most of the general public remains unaware of the factual dangers of these product and there's just no way to predict if or when someone will suffer an adverse even. There's a reason many medical professionals refer to it as "playing Russian Roulette".

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Office of The Inspector General has estimated LESS than 1% of all adverse events are reported to the FDA.


How do we even know just how many lives are truly being affected if there is no requirement to report these cases? If you or someone you know suspect they have suffered an adverse event / death that may be energy drink related, contact THE AWARENESS PROJECT.

Please invite your friends and family to join our Facebook group.There you can interact with others who have suffered an adverse event or deaths in their family that were energy drink or preworkout related. Be sure to share their posts and THE AWARENESS PROJECT'S website.

THE AWARENESS PROJECT is self funded and relies solely on the generosity of the public and corporate donations. Please consider making a tax deductible donation here to help support TAP's mission of raising awareness and desire to save lives.




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We are passionate about informing the public to the dangers of energy drinks and pre-workout supplements in hopes of saving more lives from being lost.

Email: info@tapforlife.org

Phone: 949-401-3001

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