14 yr old Anais Fournier was declared brain dead because of a energy drink.

Updated: Aug 2, 2020

The Awareness Project remembers this beautiful young lady 14 yr old Anais Fournier. Anais lost her life 8 yrs ago December 23, 2011 because of an energy drink.

Anais’s death is another important reminder why it’s important to educate the public about the dangers of energy drinks.

Anais’s mother did not allow her daughter to drink energy drinks however, Anais was able to easily purchase it at the candy store inside her local mall shopping center.

Anais had no idea that a energy drink would cause her to go into sudden cardiac arrest leaving her brain dead from the lack of oxygen to her brain.

Before her departure from this world, beautiful Anais gave the most important gift one could possibly give, Anais Fournier gave the gift of life💗

Anais was a organ donor and her precious gift saved 2 lives and restored sight to two others.

This is another important reminder why minor children should NOT be allowed to legally purchase and consume energy drink products. There have been numerous medical professionals and pediatric organizations around the world who have been very vocal about the need for legislation on banning energy drinks to minors. Unfortunately only a few countries have taken these warnings seriously and protected their youth.

Thank you to Anais’s mot